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   Doors gives access to new spaces, but we cannot enter it if we keep the doorknob in our hand, we have to let it go.  In other words, what we've learned can sometime be a burden when something new present itself;  we have to make room to receive it.

    We are all unique, so our inner disposition determines our ability to absorb information and let in light. To live the experience that I propose through this site, it is necessary to take into account how you feel, as it should be in any form of communication.  This is how I stay in touch with the truth of the being that guides me... my soul.

    For reasons related to the history of Quebec, I grew up in an environment reactionary to all that was related to the catholic church.  As the saying goes: "You can lie to someone sometime, you cannot lie to everyone all the time".  This has therefore created a predisposition for me that is unfavorable to religious matters, so the "good news" has fizzled out for me. My quest for meaning has therefore begun, so to speak, in a spiritual void.  It only remained for me to fill this space with something that resonated as true for me.  It took me on much less travelled roads and I give thanks for all that I found of originality.

        As you will notice, I have strong affinities with certain periods in the history of humanity.  Of these, two predominate in my life: ancient Egypt of some 5000 years ago and the period between the 10th and 13th centuries when the last Christic society lived on earth, in what is today the south from France, the Cathars.




Fluidity...Fluidity...     My intention is to reach and maintain fluidity in my own life.  It's a bit like saying that I want to be happy and that I apply myself to it.  I have an innate willingness to convey teachings that I have gained through my life experience.  Within these two sentences radiates the Light that stimulates the movement of my soul, in this opening... towards you.  There are, however, some basic principles to understand that represent the foundation of my action.

    My interactions are rooted in a space of respect for individuals, their rhythm and their free will.  Each conscious choice leads to more autonomy and to our own mastering of a life that we do not control.  Nobody saves anyone.

     I have often felt life pushing me in some direction to live transformation and change.  In fact, it is my soul pulling certain strings to manifest the qualities that characterize it, related to its choices made before incarnating.  I sometimes have learned the hard way that resisting the soul's choices creates a tension that leads to imbalance. In electricity, the term resistance refers to a physical property: the ability of a conductive material to oppose the passage of an electric current under a given voltage.  This material resistant to change is in each of us; beliefs.  They are linked to events that have created a strong impression, most of the time, buried deep in our consciousness.  The stronger the impression, the more intensely the identification process will be experienced at this event.  The whole experience is recorded in us, in a crystallization, a little like water crystallizes in a snowflake.  These crystallizations are magnetic; we find the phenomenon of polarity, attraction and repulsion.  The more the personality is identified with a belief, the more polarized it is with the perceptions it has of its surrounding, and stronger is the emotional reaction to events from which comes the suffering, indivisible of the ego.  If there is hell on earth, that's where it comes to life.   This is where the attachments are created.

Temple of Athena, Delphi, GreeceTemple of Athena, Delphi, Greece    We refer more often than not to the term attachment, in a context related to the beings for whom we have affection.  For this reason, popular belief says that it is normal to develop these attachments.  Certainly, this is lived as a norm, since all live it.  It may be impossible to have an emotional relationship without attachment, but that is not my point.  Life is change and we are part of this Life.  The attachment created by the phenomenon of identification of the ego, or personality, opposes change.  The attachment of one person to another brings resistance to any significant change that it may be brought to live for its evolution.  These attachments resonate with crystallizations, located in the subtle bodies and experienced to varying degrees of discomfort by the individual.  It is on this ground that I practice my art ... to bring the Light so that Love can circulate.

    I am a craftsman of consciousness.  In the context where a being feels a specific need for support in his quest for balance, I participate in the co-creation of a space of mediation between the soul and the personality.  It is my way of contributing to the "peace effort" on this earth and acquiescing to the request of my soul to live unconditional love.  Compared to the definition given in the dictionary, unconditionality is the sign of freedom, of what is without reserve.  It is this quality of the soul that, once understood and accepted by the personality, contributes to our overall health and wealth.

    All the answers we need are inside of us, and thus I completely agree with what is written on the pediment of the Temple of Delphi...