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Vibratory Alignment Session

    The history of each of us is kept, vibrationally recorded in our energy structure.  Thus, a global reading takes place and elements of the intervention are set in collaboration to the soul.  The priorities that emerge from it creates a road-map for the intervention, related to almost everything the consultant expresses during a preliminary discussion.  The goal of this intervention is to bring back or enhance fluidity of the energy in the structure.  The result is a more intimate connection with the Self and its Source, impregnated with feelings of joy, freedom and growth.

    To do so, the priority of the first session is the restructuration of the main energy networks, from the main chakras expanding into the seven layers of subtle body surrounding the physical one, bringing the light everywhere.

    On our way towards complete fluidity, numerous crystallizations and clusters of low vibration mass are evacuated, returned to the earth to be transmutedIt is these crystallizations that attract experiences of similar frequencies, as it is related to conscious or unconscious trauma, mostly seen as unwanted for the resistance it implies.  These are also the source of events that occur repeatedly until we become aware of what needs to be enlightened.

    The integration that follows a vibratory intervention constitutes a period of awareness where the individual becomes a witness of the scenarios of his own wounds, with the necessary hindsight that gives her/him the power to make new choices regarding the matter at hand.

      There is no magic wand that will erase the source of an affliction, no matter how it manifests, without awareness.  It is the Light coming from awareness that dissolves the crystallizations and allows the individual to free himself from the suffering.  Each entity must eventually become completely autonomous and aligned to live a full and thriving life.

   In a second intervention, the attention is on the overall balance of the chakras, the strength of the roots and the opening of the crown for an harmonious expansion and capacity to raise your vibratory rate.


To get the best result, 2 sessions are recommended.

1st:    Restructuration and Decrystallization

2nd:  Balance of the chakras and the entire structure

Each session last about 1 hour

Integration of 3 to 7 days.

Investment for each session: $85