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Detachment and human identity

Posted 11/2/2018

Here's another rich text from Simon Leclerc.  I couldn't resist to post it since it resonates so much with what I feel.  Enjoy...


Hello everyone,

I am happy to come back to you on this day to share a new light on this path that brings us ever closer to the unity we seek with ourselves. In fact, what is this "ourselves" that both intrigues and fascinates us? When one understands that the purpose of the spiritual path is to merge completely with our essence, to become it in totality, the real question becomes "who am I really, beyond what is visible; what is my essence?

Of course, we developed a social perception of ourselves that began with our family relationships. This taught us to discover ourselves in a dynamic that was initially motivated by our desire to be loved. As I have often mentioned, as soon as we arrive in the world, our first life impulse pushes us to want to be loved by our "welcome committee" at any price. If this love received is unconditional, we will learn from the beginning to develop a deep recognition of our being, our essence, because we will be reassured that no matter what we discover of us, it will be accepted and loved. In these conditions, the quest for oneself becomes greatly facilitated.

Outside love

The other way, the most common, is to come into the world with a deficient "welcome committee". Most parents, having learned to adapt to the conditional love they received from their own parents, relayed the same thing to their children. Naturally, they will then consider that this way of loving is the best way to stimulate their child to become a good citizen adapted and loved by all. But in reality, they transmit to him the beacons that they themselves have received as young people and that has given them love. Although this one was conditional, it was an essential food for their development.

Since all the compromises that were necessary were made to obtain love, parents will have the impression that it is this same "legacy" that they must in turn relay to their child if they want to make sure that the latter is a citizen well equipped to live in the world. In doing so, the being thus socialized no longer comes to know who he is outside the eyes of others, and the quest for outer love becomes the only goal of his life.

Those who embark on the path of consciousness will gradually learn to love and recognize themselves outside the family. A sincere quest for meaning gradually brings concrete answers to more and more elaborate questions. But again, the truth of the false is not always easy to separate, because the parents eventually become the society, and what seems to be acceptable and valued collectively then forms a beacon that directs the quest for self-understanding. It is sometimes thought that a drive is deep, but it can be motivated by this intense need for external recognition, the need to behave in an acceptable way to be loved.

The first challenge of our life is to discover our deep qualities, beyond our need to be loved and accepted by others. And thereafter, it is to put in place concrete means to deploy them in the world. This approach is directly related to happiness, because the more we offer our real talents, not only those who have brought us the love of our loved ones, the more the energy of life flows through us. It is this sensation of offering that creates inner joy. The simplest definition of happiness is knowing who you are and making sure you give it to others.


A potential trap

When we know each other well, know what our real qualities are and have put in place ways to offer them to the world, we are connected to a life energy that feeds us. But paradoxically, even if it's an end in itself, it also becomes an identity that can eventually trap us. Because even though our movement is sincere and deeply vibrating within us, it also gives us external love and recognition, and it becomes exhilarating. If we are not aware of it, it can make us lose sight of the essentials. It must be remembered that this approach aims first of externalizing our essence and letting it circulate to nourish life and inspire everyone to do the same. The trap here is to feed us external collateral benefits that this movement of truth with oneself provides us.

Personally, I must admit that one of the biggest social challenges I had to face in my life was knowing how to get in touch with people, without presenting the spiritualist that I am. It's as if I do not know who to be outside of a spiritual being on a journey of consciousness. I felt for a long time as "an alien" and as soon as I had to take off my spiritual hat, I lost my bearings. This process led me to really question myself about my way of being in the world in order to get back to basics, to my raison to be on earth. Because if I did not have the spiritual aspect to present to the world, it's as if I was no longer "presentable".

I know that we are not incarnated to create a small group of individuals living in isolation with each other, but to enlighten what seeks to be, to awaken consciences, one step at a time. To dare to be oneself means "to know oneself, to recognize oneself and to offer oneself".

To offer to the world (offering ourselves to the world)

In this context, the spiritual quest consists first of all in getting out of the need for external recognition to finally let our essence emerge. Yes, talents are part of this essence, but they do not define it. They are an extension, the visible part. At the same time, they are not the only way we use to "give" ourselves to the world. To let our essence vibrate, without having anything to prove or prove, is a wonderful way to spread awareness and love around us. It awakens the universal nature in everyone.

When a waking essence encounters another asleep, the latter begins to tune the frequency of the awakening, like a radio, and tries to breathe this new state into consciousness. The latter will not name it that way, but she feels an excitement in the meeting, without really understanding why. In fact, this appointment creates a resonance effect that pushes everyone towards their own light. Sometimes people are simply touched by a presence, a look or a smile, without gesture or word.

To be in the world does not mean to continually offer our qualities to others. Knowing who we are, assuming it and letting it vibrate through us is often a great help to all the concrete things we can do in the world. When we are receptive to love, life is responsible for creating pretexts so that we can touch the beings around us, without needing to understand what is really at stake. It is love in its most pure.

God through us

On my way, I realized that there was a trap to associate my essence with my qualities. Because if these qualities were not "solicited", I did not know how to present myself. As if all my human life revolved around these qualities and without them, I was nothing. How can I then circulate incognito in the world, if my only way to be myself is to look for forums that will allow my deep qualities to be useful and beneficial?

My individual coaching work is a wonderful way I have in my life to disidentify myself from my guiding skills while introducing them to the world. Because the only way that the reception process works is to accept that I do not control it. This is what I call the "Big Hand" that manages the entire transmission and I only communicate what I receive. I always say that I am in contact with the cellular intelligence of the person I meet and it is she who guides me.

Many artists lost the inspiration due to a personal re-appropriation of the creative process that allowed them to commune with the "Great Hand". They did not understand the fragile balance between humility and deep self-recognition. As the Masters said in the magnificent book The Life of Masters of Baird Thomas Spalding: "Alone I cannot do anything, it is God through me who does all the work". It's not God, it's not me, it's "God through me" who is the great magician. It's the union of the two. I love this quote.

Personally, I understand that the reception process that allows me to accompany people completely exceeds me. At the same time, for it to work, I must assume my share. So I cannot go to the rendezvous without recognizing my qualities, but in parallel, I must understand that it is my essence, or God, who is the true craftsman behind all this. If I try to appropriate the process, everything will stop and I will not receive anything.

It is in this sense that I observe that, beyond the deep qualities, there is another inner reality, still more vast and important, which allows a universal being to emerge which KNOWS that it is part of the whole. This aspect of us has nothing to do, it IS. And for me, the process that leads to this essence is associated with detachment, a form of dis-identification.

I understand that there is not just one layer that covers our essence and that this process requires several steps of dis-identification. Because if we let go of what we believe to be, what we are identified with and attached to, it does not bring us instantly to contact our essence. A kind of emptiness, of vertigo, takes place first.

On my own spiritual journey, I realized with hindsight that all the steps that led me to detach myself from the elements that gave meaning to my life came at a time when I was ready to let them go. I realized that my Soul wisely orchestrated this process to make me aware of my attachments when I was ready to disidentify myself from them. Otherwise, I did not see them.

Having wings

Many people associate the detachment with a sort of chasm. They imagine that if they let go of what defines them, what furnishes their identity, life will suddenly lose its meaning. But in reality, attachment is linked to our human identity, to a quest for security that makes us feel known and protects us from the "bad unknown" often source of fear. By definition, the unknown seeks to become known, and when he is, he does not awaken fear. This is how we learn to live, by doing ONE with life and its infinite creativity, without having to stand out to exist.

If I am no longer a healer, a communicator, an organizer, a teacher, etc., who am I? What's left of me? I still have the essential, the essence of my being.

The detachment gives wings, because it predisposes us to the human adventure by making us appreciate all that is, what we meet, without ever needing to monopolize it, because we know that there is always more to discover. We do not expect anything from others because true recognition comes from within.

In detaching ourselves from our human identity, life does not become bland, on the contrary. It is even tastier, because it makes us feel our true essence in motion. The adventurer in us can then unfold without any limit or constraint, because his offering becomes multiple. Sometimes they are words or actions, and at other times it is a presence, a look, a listening, etc.

There is nothing to do. It's an invitation to be, simply.

I obviously do not claim to have integrated all of the sharing of this day, but it is my spiritual path that I present to you in all simplicity. In doing so, it also allows me to articulate it better. I hope it will resonate with you and make its way to your consciousness.

If it is difficult for you to understand, ask your inner wisdom to represent it with your own words. Ask to experience it. It will become a wisdom for you.

With that, I greet you and wish you a blessed future, knowing that it is born in the present.

Salutations to all

Simon Leclerc

... at the service of the Great Human and Universal Brotherhood

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