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Sweetness and the way of the cross

Posted 4/8/2018

For the first article I publish here, I propose a text that comes from a being of which

I have received several times inspirations contributing to an ever deeper

understanding of who I am and my background. Enjoy...


Sweetness and the way of the cross 


Hello everyone,

     It is always a pleasure for me to resume teaching and create a new message for the website. These insights allow me to better integrate what I share, and when it resonates with the people who read them, it's even more stimulating for me.

     In recent years, I have been encouraged to glimpse life from the perspective of my ideals, because I knew that if I wanted to make sense of my incarnation, I had to align myself with it. I hesitate here to use the terms "mission of life" or "mandate of incarnation", because for me, it is really about creating a happy life where what one undertakes brings us joy. It has nothing to do with an overwhelming duty or some form of missionary work. It is a joyous way to make us deeply happy.

     A fastidious, austere and depressing mandate of incarnation cannot correspond to what is breathed by the soul. If a being feels attracted by a heavy path where the goal is to accomplish a task that he considers necessary, it is more than likely that it is rather a memory nourished by a feeling of guilt. The being then has the impression that he must perform a certain task to redeem himself from some past, or, as our ancestors said, "to win his heaven". On my side, when I speak of a "mission of life", I refer to a journey that brings deep and real joy, while soliciting the best of us. Discovering this path that will make us vibrate deeply is the "goal of our incarnation" and it is the royal way that leads to happiness.

The quest

    One of the main quests we undertake in our lives is to discover what we really love, which drives us deeply. Find what these unique qualities that we carry in us are. And then, when we recognize them, the goal is to set them in motion so that they can serve the life around us, while at the same time stimulating the embodied being that we are. For me, it is what brings happiness and aligns us, by the same, with our mission of life. Personally, I do not see any difference between the deep joy and the incarnation mandate. Both are directly related.

     In contrast, we might associate depression with the gap between who we really are and what we do in our lives, the way we unfold. Depression acts in this context as a fuse that disrupts, which cuts the being of its vital force. This is a sign that the outside is no longer in alignment with the interior.

     There are many human and social reasons for this inner separation, that we are gradually moving away from our essence. But as I have often mentioned in my past writings, the main one is related to our basic need to be loved and recognized by our loved ones, which conditions our relationship to others. Without always realizing it, it sometimes leads us very far from what gives us a real joy, because our desire to please will make us confuse our deep impulses with those who will be most "acceptable" socially and able to provide us with love and the gratitude.

     Let's understand that the more love we receive from our young age, the more we will want to ask ourselves the question "who am I" and to look for the answer. On the other hand, the more conditional this love is, the more we will want to adapt to become what will have the greatest chance of gaining the recognition and love of our loved ones. It is this mechanism that shapes humans as we are and moves us away from, or brings us closer to, our deepest drives.

     Now, this being said, when this stage of self-recognition is reached and a being knows what really drives it, the next phase of getting in motion to realize one's ideals and realize oneself is not always simple. This is the theme I would like to address through this writing.

The will of the soul

    In my coaching practice, I hear people asking me questions about "the will of the soul". I am sometimes asked "does my soul want me to be in love", or "what does my soul want from me"? This type of question comes from a feeling of separation that is based on the observation that life does not always seem to go in the desired direction. Some people have the impression that if they fail to create something that is important to them, then "the will of the soul" is different from theirs. These people imagine that their souls have a sort of incomprehensible parallel agenda that they associate with the mysteries of the incarnation. And it is this mystery that makes them wonder what their soul wants, as if it were a stranger with whom we must compose

    The obstacles to creating our ideals, which makes us deeply happy, have nothing to do with the brakes of the soul. It poses no obstacle, on the contrary. It helps us to remove the barriers by stimulating our inner qualities and making us feel joy when we align ourselves with them. Its ideal is the same as ours. If a journey brings us a deep joy, it necessarily corresponds to "the will of our soul". How could it be otherwise?

     That being said, then where do these feelings of obstructions come from and the obstacles that prevent us from creating what brings us joy in our lives? If they do not come from the soul, what aspect of us creates them? In reality, it is the memories - those presented earlier - and the way we look at them that keep us in a debt sensation. "I will be able to create my dream life when I have paid my dues, when I have freed myself from my obligations". This is what some have called karma. It is linked to an impression of not deserving what we want, and it sabotages our lives and continually pushes the timeline for happiness.


    While it is true that karma exists in the human world, it is associated with the challenge of forgiving our past unconsciousness and not with a universal cosmic law that requires us to repay old debts. This resistance to offer us the unconditional love that tirelessly demands "the human-in-travel-on-Earth" keeps us in the karmic wheel. Without this look of kindness towards our deepest being, the one who does his best to find peace and light, we have the impression that we must redeem ourselves from a shameful and heavy past by becoming pure and perfect again. Efforts and demonstration of excellence: we believe that in this way we can prove that we are "worthy to receive" the light of God.

     Karma is an illusion created by self-judgment and the feeling that we must pay to redeem ourselves from past actions that took place at a time when we were unconscious. As real as this illusion may seem in our lives, which makes us believe that we must deserve what we want, it is the unconditional love of self that allows it to be destructured. This allows us to turn the feeling of adversity into a true movement of collaboration where external support becomes an extension of our inner world that reminds us that we are our main ally.

My own quest

    In order to manifest my own ideals in my life, I had assessed that a certain amount of effort would be needed and I was willing to invest a lot of energy to achieve it. I told myself that there must certainly be a correlation between these efforts put in place and the realization of my dreams. At least that's what I thought.

     As some of you know, these past three years have taken me to the four corners of the globe to discover different cultures and integrate into various living environments. At each location visited, I participated in local projects, either through a Canadian NGO or directly to the organizations I met.

     In chronological order, these projects took me to Vietnam, Senegal, China, India and Ireland, and each of these "extended stopovers" brought me to some form of adjustment. Although these adventures allowed me to discover unsuspected adaptability in myself, I must admit that on several occasions, especially at the beginning, I wondered what I was doing there.

     I have long thought that to reach the peaks of my being, I had to conquer the mountain of my life and "defeat my inner demons". I told myself that this is what would allow to emerge my true being. I felt that it was in adversity that I would discover my determination and my personal commitment, a way for me to "prove myself" in the school of life. This vision led me to experience obstacles that gave meaning to my spiritual quest. I saw them as trophies on the road that testified to the trials they went through. It was for me the obligatory passage that would allow me to reach my ends.


Outside my area

    During the seven months of my adventure in Vietnam, the first of five, I lived outside my comfort zone. I lived in a city of 10 million people (Ho Chi Ming City) where, from the first days, I had to deal with requests of all kinds, find my bearings, learn to move on a scooter (a first for me) and develop links in a language diametrically opposed to mine (see text Spiritual Tourism). So I spent seven months in over-adaptation.

     Subsequently, the NGO I was working with proposed a new project in Senegal. Although life there was more sweet and pleasant than in Vietnam, and the people speak French there, I still had to deal with a new reality related to security. The Senegalese are very hospitable and warm, but like many developing countries, the survival of some citizens makes them commit theft when they are not at risk of being caught. And whites are more targeted, since they are associated with wealth. So as soon as the darkness fell, I had to be more vigilant and avoid being isolated. These are at least the instructions that my organization had given me.

     In the context of this experience and curfew that I had set around 10:00 pm, I ended up creating a form of routine that gradually led me to internalize more and more. Since the outside was less hospitable and I had access to a balcony overlooking the sea, I used to go there to meditate every night, transported by the sounds of the sea.



    My prolonged meditations on this balcony allowed me to contact new spiritual dimensions of my being and the more it evolved, the more I vibrated at a high rate. This state led me to perceive my being in its verticality, uniting up and down through my physical body that seemed to act as a bridge between heaven and earth. From a certain state of being, a period that lasted about two or three days, I felt such a feeling of union with myself that my whole body vibrated.

    As these feelings evolved, I began to perceive my human in a new light. Already, this impression of external hostility had created a new reality in me that led me to feel more and more compassion for the human being that I am, who was at that moment captive of his immediate environment. I began to contemplate all the efforts that I had invested in my life to realize my dreams and I noticed the impasse in which I was. I had the constant feeling that something was about to happen, and yet I could see that my life was not what I wanted. I had become a prisoner, on the other side of the world, while I dreamed of magic and union.

     "Soon" had become the most recurrent word in my inner vocabulary. I clung to it to avoid feeling my disillusionment. At one point, I was shocked. It was like I was on the platform of a train station and waiting for an invisible train. I saw before this mirage to hope my dream life, from one "soon" to the next, to realize that this never happened. Yes I was at the end of the world, engaged in a project with international potential, but in difficult living conditions, over-adaptation and isolation, with a mandate that did not give me the sensation of making a difference in the world, in the community where I was. I thought it could not be my "dream life".

     After the shock of seeing my disillusionment, I was pushed inside to contemplate the human that I am from my verticality, this state of being described above. I saw all the efforts that I had put in place to get there, while I could only see the lack of deep joy that I felt in my life. Everything seemed to require effort and determination, as I felt continually evaluated on my intentions and level of commitment that would allow me, as I believed, to "win my heaven" on Earth.


The perspective of God

    In this moment of increased lucidity, as I met a more intimate dimension of my incarnation, I began to contemplate my human with a look more and more in love. It was as if I was observing myself from the perspective of God. I saw all the gestures that I had made in the past in order to reach my goals, all those efforts invested so that my concrete life corresponded to my ideals. I did my best to find peace and light, I stumbled sometimes, and then invariably got up again. And despite my determination, I was motivated by a quest that seemed to me more and more illusory. I saw the "soon" succeed each other, and I observed that at some point I would have reached the limits of my abilities. The solution must have been elsewhere.

     Gradually, I contemplated an idea that was emerging in me. I saw this belief that whispered in my ear that I had to "deserve" this coveted sky on Earth for me to finally be offered. I had come to believe that my efforts were a sort of databank, such as a point system where units could one day be exchanged for happiness points.

     I was there, completely observing my illusion, while feeling my being from a universal point of view. And at that moment, I had an irresistible urge to embrace and welcome the human that I am: one who wants to love and be loved, but who is sometimes afraid of being humiliated and betrayed, and who closes on itself. He who, as a child, tried by all means to attract the attention of his father to be recognized, and who despaired to get there. His father became "his peers" as an adult, I saw the one who was continually looking for approvals of adults around him.

     This being I met, the one I call the human-in-travel-on-Earth, asked me to be loved and to find his place in the heart of my spiritual journey. For me, it was an aspect of my incarnation that wanted to "go back to the house of God". I understood that if I refused my love, it was the whole universe that, through me, rejected it. Through this expansive experience, I became the Universe and it was God speaking through me, as me. I assumed the role of welcoming myself, because it was my responsibility to do so if I wanted the Universe to welcome me.

To come back home

    For me, becoming the Master of his life means "bringing all aspects of oneself home", which necessarily implies including the human and all his experiences in the equation. We cannot leave it on Earth in the hope of finally finding its light, because the illusion of believing ourselves thus purified and lightened of our shadows by rejecting them only nourishes them. It is not possible to find one's light, if one chooses to reject aspects of oneself in passing.

     This is what creates the real dramas of our incarnations. Not the fact of living on an inhospitable and unfair planet, but the violence of the gaze that we sometimes put on our own human who does his best to find his light, his joy, and create his dream life. To make this planet the Garden of Eden promised by so many religions, is to understand and feel that this garden is already here, on Earth, precisely where we are. It corresponds to the love and gratitude of the human being-in-journey-on-Earth, and his journey to become again the Man-God, the God-Man.

     If we do not offer this compassionate look to ourselves and continue to harbor the illusion that our limitations are obstacles to our light, life reflects it by amplifying these obstacles in our lives. And then, we move on a Stations of the Cross and we cling to the hope that the next "soon" will be the last, or the penultimate, or the last, and so on. This illusion has no end, it stops when we choose it.

Evolve at your own pace

    To truly begin where one is in life instead of where one would like to be is a key that has personally enabled me to develop a compassionate look towards my human being-in-journey-on-Earth. It taught me to follow and respect my own pace of evolution. Too often, comparison takes us away from us by making us believe that we should be somewhere else, that we should be something other than what we are. And without realizing it, it leads us to look at our limitations with contempt, seeing them as obstacles to our deployment.

     On my balcony in Africa, I realized that the continual feeling of adversity and imprisonment that I felt in my life came from that illusion that I harbored in myself. I thought I had to conquer my being to plant my own flag at the top, and that made, I had made my life

     When I understood that, everything was cleared up. I transformed my inner look to create a new reality of gentleness, joy and expansion, and in the hours that followed my reprogramming, I heard a voice in me saying that it was time for me to return to Canada. That's what I did, and nothing was the same after that. The travels that followed this experience have sent me a new image of my being, both much more involved in concrete projects, but also living a great lightness on a path where joy and harmony could now accompany me.

Self-healing experience

    Recently, I hurt myself while playing a sport that I really like. With all my readings on spirituality and my years of meditation, I performed a self-healing experiment to restore my arm. I raised my vibratory rhythm and visualized / felt my arm as already healed. After a few minutes of this experience, I observed that my pain was as much present as before the exercise. I then went into deep meditation to question my being, and I received that I was not yet at this level of self-healing, that it was premature for me to seek instant results. I was told it might be possible, but not at this moment in my life.

     Without thinking too much, I put aside this experience to continue my activities, with the desire to heal as quickly as possible, knowing that time would be my best ally. After two weeks of withdrawal from my sporting activity, I noticed, to my dismay, that my arm was still not cured and I saw no improvement. Not only did my self-healing experience not "fix it", but nothing had changed since. I did not understand what was happening.

     A few days later, after one of my meditations, I asked the question about the situation, and all of a sudden, it hit me. When I completed my self-healing exercise two weeks earlier and found that I was unable to make an immediate difference to my condition, I judged my healing skills and the rate of recovery of my body. I wanted it to go faster, and from then on, I went into dissonance with my being. It struck me that by this simple exercise of self-healing and "failure" that it represented to me, I judged myself and simultaneously, I weighed down precisely what I wanted to stimulate.

     After realizing my mistake and the heaviness of the look I had put on myself, I pulled out the judgments and remembered the importance of "starting where I was" instead of "where I would have loved to be" to better accompany me. And magically, I immediately felt the energy flow again and my arm began to heal. The exercise of self-healing could now act at the perfect pace, without the sand in the gear that I had added. A few days later, I was almost recovering, while the pain had lasted for almost three weeks, with no improvement.


The wings of love

    In truth, it is the love and compassion for the human that we are opening the door to our powers on Earth. There is nothing to conquer, we are already there. We have forgotten it, that's all. And it is on the wings of self-love - and all that that implies - that the way back to the super-consciousness can take place.

     To align oneself with one's life plan means to live experiences that bring us real and profound joy, no matter what they are. There are as many ways of life as there are humans on Earth and no path is similar to another. The goal is not to follow the path of others, but to be inspired to discover his own, the one who will bring us real joy and that will bring us closer to the Man-God, the God-Man that we are.

     The adventures I have experienced in recent years have allowed me to realize that my spiritual journey could be joyful and enjoyable, while leading me to discover my astonishing (and very practical) coping skills. All the projects I experienced presented a gradation in the experience of lightness and joy, but it was once in Ireland that I saw how life could be both gentle and stimulating.

     I understand today that joy, sweetness and harmony can be part of the journey and that it is possible to transform the Way of the Cross into a flower garden where each of the smells on the course represents a new adventure to discover. This path taught me to be kind to myself, and as I move away from this state, I remember the sweetness of the Universe's look in my place. By resonance, when I become this look and I concretely embody it, it is the entire Universe that expresses itself through me. And the sweetness that I encounter in my life reminds me of it continually.

     I am happy to have been able to share with you this new teaching on self-love which, I hope, will have illuminated your path. You will understand that the goal here was not to talk about me, but to introduce you to my journey to inspire yours. With that, I greet you and wish you a blessed future, knowing that it is born in the present.

Salutations to all

Simon Leclerc
... at the service of the Great Human and Universal Brotherhood
Written on February 9, 2018, by Simon Leclerc (

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