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Energy Structure Implantation

Energy Structure ImplantationEnergy Structure Implantation    This vibratory action installs an energy circuit (Pillar of Light) that purifies and protects any space.  It implants the structure Tree of Life and the protective Sphere of Archangel  Michael.   It allows the space of receptivity required for rooting, expansion and integration of a vibration of higher consciousness.

• Removes negative energies and/or parasites.

The installation of this structure is recommended everywhere, thus it is specially suggested in spaces where vibrations of higher levels are to be integrated, such as: 

• Channelling  • Teachings  • Initiations

• Any form of therapy  • Professional firms  • Homes

NB: This action adjusts itself to the energy circuits and vibratory state of beings and premises.

• 1½-3 hour process completed on site

Investment: $250