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Evolution of ManEvolution of Man

    If there is a common feature to all living beings on this planet, it is that we all pass, at various moments of our lives, through decisive periods where several important changes are manifested and transform, subtly or radically, the perception of oneself and the world. These passages are sometimes minor and other times major.  It is not necessary to be an anthropologist to be able to make this observation but it is easy to recognize that our society is in lack of markers concerning certain crucial passages in the development of the human being. Studies of rites of passage experienced by various micro-societies, called tribes, have described these moments of transitions and are easily accessible to those who would like to deepen their knowledge on this subject.

    For Westerners, of which I am a part, there is a passage which is more arid, or taboo for some, it is the passage of this existence toward the other world.  The Tibetan book of life and death is probably the best-known published work on the subject.

    The Tibetan teachings on this subject constantly come back to one point; that of the necessity of being detached from everything; fears, desires, envies, the ego.  In this context, it is easy to recognize that all these detachments look like small deaths, lived throughout our lives.  To learn to die to live better. It sounds like a proverb that comes from the mists of time.

Isis-OuroborosIsis-Ouroboros    It is from the African continent that come the oldest known ritual related to the healing of the soul. This one permitted the soul and the terrestrial envelope to harmonize and integrate itself.  It is on the sacred land of Ancient Egypt, more than 4,000 years ago, that some being around the age of seven were called to live this initiation.  These individuals were getting in the pyramids for the first time and consciously explored the transition to their incarnation. The exploration of the conscious passage to incarnation was lived until the end of the Taurus era.

    Today, at the end of the era of the Pisces, earthly humanity is completing the illusory experimentation of the abandonment of the Source.  The belief that the Source or God Almighty was outside themselves, expressed through idolatry, brought human beings into multiple inner conflicts and opening up to the experience of suffering;

Suffer and thus recover the Source.

    These are humanitarian egregores* of experiences beared by all in these terrestrial memories.  The end of the era of the Pisces and the entry of Aquarius has been preparing for nearly 40 years and in each era, humanity carries out a mission of evolution.  The main evolution characterizing this new era is to regain contact with the divine Source in each embodied entity and autonomy, manifested by inner listening, respect and unconditional love.

    Let us not forget, however, that many human beings, having chosen the incarnation of an end of an era, bear in them the essence of the precursor; the one opening the way to the transition.

    To live the divinity in itself begins by raising one's awareness about its incarnation.  The human being must harmonize with the soul and let this one leads him to find the path of his arrival, to consciously embrace his choice to incarnate on this planet.  Certainly through this, you will live great moments of love and also sadness, joy, anger, rage and freedom.  A whole harmonic of emotions because the intensity of this initiation, and of your soul which rejoices, will bring you to rediscover you and, passes through a so called "spring cleaning".  We will guide you in this ritual of the passage  and it is your soul that will bring you to meet what is your Essence.

*An egregore is produced by a powerful current of collective thought.                                                                                                                             The Masters of Incarnation

Archangelic Vibration

        The  purpose of  The Ritual  is to  free the individual of the weights  that prevent  her/him from  being  in tune  with its  soul and aligned with its Source.  The soul proposes but the personality has to consciously make the final choice.

        Through a series of explorations, the first 7 chakras are reviewed in order to be cleaned and purified of crystallized memories.   These are created by focusing on painful events and are partly the soul’s luggage, as it doesn't arrive empty handed into this world.

        In constant collaboration with your soul, as an initiated Guide, I accompany you throughout The Ritual to consciously contact each crystallization until its complete dissolution by the light you are channelling yourself.

        Due to the phenomenon of identification of the ego, the personality focused its attention on the world of form.  Linked to material, thought or beliefs, this process creates a false sense of self that feeds itself through attachments, which we have to get free from.   These spaces of attachment are: